My foods, let me show you them

Welcome to Food Envy. This is the true story of four Sydney vegans cooking and eating the best food in the Inner West. We discriminate against everyone who is not as awesome as us. Prepare to be jealous.

Here is just a sample of some of the foods we have cooked and eaten so far.
Tofu and veggies in red coconut curry

Tofu and veggies in a red coconut curry sauce.

Pasta with sausage, borlotti beans, and all kinds of veggies

Pasta with veggie sausage, borlotti beans, carmelised onion, olives, spinach, roasted capsicum and tomatoes.

Enchilada casserole!

Enchilada Casserole! With side salad.

Yummy chickpea and veggie cous cous

Cous cous with chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, and more veggies. Brussel sprouts on the side.

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One Response to My foods, let me show you them

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, I was already a bit jealous just from hearing about your cooking, but now there are *pictures*???

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