A Mexican Fiesta!

It’s a small miracle that we’ve had Viva Vegan, the new cookbook from Terry Hope Romero sitting in our house for several weeks now, and only just cracked it open this weekend. And now that we have, we may never put it away!

We held a Mexican-themed dinner party fiesta! (Yup, that’s right, somebody took Advanced Placement high school Spanish!)

As our entree we served fried plantains with FOUR kinds of sauces! Behold: Guacamole, Salsa Verde, Refried Black Beans, and Tomato Salsa

Fried plantains and 4 types of sauce!

Things got a little out of control when people started piling on all four sauces at once. WOAH FLAVOUR OVERLOAD!

WOAH - 4 different dips on that fried plantain!

And that was just to start. Our main course was Potato Chickpea enchiladas with Tomatillo Sauce and Pine Nut Crema, with sides of more refried black beans, salsa, and cilantro lime rice.

Potato Chickpea Enchiladas, Refried black beans, cilantro lime rice, and salsa - our Viva Vegan dinner party!

Not pictured are the strawberry sangria, and papaya mango lime sorbet that didn’t quite freeze in time for dessert, so the photos on that one will be forthcoming.

Not gonna lie, this was a labour-intensive meal that had our 4-person (and one dog) team in the kitchen all day. Yay team!! (Pictured: Sophie, Jim, Sharon, and Eliot the dog. Not pictured: Kelsey)

Preparing a Viva Vegan feast!

The highlight of the day may have actually been discovering Fiji Markets, on King Street (the St Peters end) which provided us with a vast array of spices and hard to come by Mexican ingredients. This pretty much guarantees that every meal we make from here on out will be Latin. Which is cool, because it gives me ample opportunity to make fun of the way Jim pronounces tomatillo. Crazy Gringo!

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One Response to A Mexican Fiesta!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am as green as that plantain skin!

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